Caso de éxito Teamcore en la industria de lácteos

Company of Mexican origin, which for more than 70 years has been dedicated to the food industry, especially in the dairy and meat segments. Currently, it has a presence in Mexico, Brazil, Central America and the United States.

His challenge was to generate feedback and information analysis processes, to continuously improve, consolidate and grow. Difficulty was added to this objective due to the large size of the company and the undoubted need for rapid implementation with assertive results.







Company size

38.000 employees

Lala wanted to connect with its personnel at the store, in order to achieve a better view of the reality of the business and the interaction of customers with its products.


Grupo Lala implemented Teamcore to understand everything that happens at the point of sale, in real time and with reliable data. And in this way, access relevant information in an agile and practical way, analyze it from different perspectives and make timely decisions.

The company defends that knowing in detail the information generated at the point of sale is essential to understand, conclude and generate solutions that are adapted to what happens in a particular way in each store.

In addition, by executing the Teamcore algorithm, Grupo Lala can analyze the information and data that give life to your business, to develop actions that trigger the perfect execution of the point of sale.

Lala Group ensures that, with the Teamcore methodology, you discover different things that lead the company to great opportunities. They consider its implementation as an ally for the future, a fundamental action to achieve continuous improvement through technology.

"Teamcore allows us to understand opportunities and above all, attend to them with agility. It is real accompaniment, closeness"

Jorge Andrade
Execution Manager for Organized Trade Operations.
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