teamcore® Technology

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we analyze your sales data to predict on-shelf availability and provide you with actionable insights.

The technological heart of teamcore® is Sherlock

This technology combines Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that will allow you to know with up to 94% accuracy what is happening and what will happen in your points of sale only through the sell out data.

Artificial Intelligence

Teamcore uses AI to analyze large data quantities to identify patterns and trends. Our solution makes predictions automatically, quickly and accurately.

Machine Learning

Teamcore uses deploys algorithms that utilize machine learning to become smarter over time.

Machine Learning

The ability of a system to learn through time and data. It is pattern recognition that gives you the ability to infer behaviors from new data sets.

Up to 94% accuracy in prediction

In other words, our technology processes everyday:
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Store visibility
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of shelfs and products