Solve in-store issues at the speed of retail

Make it easy for your field teams to consistently find and resolve store operations problems.

Take back control of your retail "last mile"

What good is knowing you have a problem unless you can fix it? With Smart Retail Execution (SRE), you can resolve retail issues faster and ensure store operations excellence with dynamic workflows and real-time monitoring of critical KPIs.

Turn insights into actions that grow revenue​

Make better use of your limited field resources with dynamic real-time tasks delivered via mobile application or CRM. SRE arms your team with intelligent Smart Tasks focused on solving the problems detected by Teamcore algorithms and prioritized by the impact on your sales.

What if you could focus your entire team on a common set of goals?

Improve efficiency while reducing management overhead by aligning your field & back-office teams around a common set of KPIs.​

Dynamic Workflows

Auto-generated workflows based on sales performance at each point of sale.

Smart Tasks

Personalized Smart Tasks to align your back office and the field teams.

Custom Workflows

Automatically generate unique tasks based on sales behavior for each of your products at each point of sale.​​

Smart Prioritization

Issues are intelligently prioritized based on your defined business objectives, such as sales goals and economic value.

Automated Reporting

Manage execution without ever setting foot in the store with detailed reporting generated after every point of sale visit.​

The ideal solution for your perfect store strategy.

Teamcore helps CPGs and retailers deliver on their Perfect Store strategy by enabling the efficient automation, execution and monitoring of in-store tasks.

With Teamcore, you can now manage your Perfect Store execution at scale with a real-time score based on your defined KPI variables and the relative importance of each one — allowing you to accurately measure execution at each of your points of sale 

Issues solved with Smart Retail Execution

Store team routing

Organize the efforts of your sales team with automatic routing. Send your team to the stores with the greatest opportunities for improvement.


Make sure that your displays achieve their objectives by being launched accurately and on time.

Promotion issues

Ensure that your promotions achieve their objectives by being launched accurately and on time.

Wrong price

Quickly identify wrong pricing by item, by store on a daily basis.

Phantom inventory

We alert you when this happens and generate actionable insights.

Low on hand inventory

We alert you when your products are about to run out or are out of stock, so you can better plan distribution.

Report on competitor’s prices

By understanding the dynamics of the competition, you discover the activities you can implement to achieve differentiation and added value.

Zero inventory

Ensure that you always have enough stock to be purchased.

Compliance visits

Understand and address pricing, promotions and display compliance issues before going into the store.

Excess inventory

Perfect the inventory process in detail, to reduce operating costs and articulate the different actors in the shared value chain

Incorrect Planogram

Quickly identify when a planogram is incorrect so that you can notify the retailer about the changes required.

Product launch

Maximize new product launches by ensuring that the product is launched in all authorized stores on time.

Improve product availability

Minimize lost sales by discovering in-store issues, executing auto-prioritized tasks and monitor ongoing progress.

Implement your business strategy

Improve collaboration and reduce management overhead by aligning field and back-office teams around the same KPIs.

Increase your team's productivity

Boost field team effectiveness with dynamic real-time tasks delivered via mobile application or CRM.

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Increase in sales

Increase your sales by quickly and consistently resolving store operations issues.

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more productive

Improve your field team’s productivity without affecting your standard of execution. 

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return of invesment

Accurately measure the return on your investment, regardless of your scale.

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We integrate Teamcore technology with SAP, to create an intelligent ecosystem together with its main solutions for mass consumption and retail.