for the future of retail

Boost OSA and generate new sales with radically better retail execution.

Tap into the "alpha" hidden in your retail data

Uncover sales issues hidden in your POS and inventory data by monitoring real-time sales performance across all of your stores.

Unlock the best possible shopping experience

Focus your resources where they’re needed most by intelligently diagnosing in-store issues with proprietary machine learning (ML).

Supercharge your field teams & brokers

Enable your field teams & brokers to do more by turning insights into tasks that make it easy to quickly find and resolve retail issues.

Trusted by 500+ global brands

Teamcore powers smarter retail

We enable CPGs and retailers to transform their retail data into actionable insights to continuously improve retail execution. Our next-generation smart retail solutions leverage cutting-edge data science to accurately detect lost sales, diagnose execution issues, and drive radically better retail execution — both in-store and online.

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Increase in sales

Complete point-of-sale visibility to detect lost sales and improve in-store compliance.

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more productive

Automated work plans with dynamic Smart Tasks intelligently prioritized by impact to sales.

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return of invesment

Measurable return on investment (ROI), regardless of the size of the business.

Powering smarter retail execution

Teamcore® is a next-generation retail execution platform that uses advanced data science to help supply chain & field teams accurately pinpoint, prioritize and capture the highest-value in-store opportunities.

How we do it

Data collection

We collect daily sales and inventory data across all of your physical locations, distribution centers, and digital stores.

Opportunity detection

Our proprietary ML algorithms detect sales anomalies and pinpoint potential store operations issues.

Action plans

The system automatically generates specific action daily plans, with dynamic tasks prioritized by sales impact.

Continuous improvement

Our learning algorithms improve with each completed task for more consistent and accurate detection.

Field team

HQ team


Teamcore solves retail execution issues

Phantom inventory

Whether due to damage, theft or a simple error, get alerted whenever inventory on hand and actual stock are out of balance.

Out of stock

Reduce OSS by eliminating common store execution & replenishment issues, and improving distribution planning.

Wrong price tag

Know whether your products are price compliant on a daily basis.

Product in warehouse

We share automated tasks on sales and product rotation, so you can ensure that it is available at the point of sale.

Planogram errors

Quickly identify and respond to when planogram changes are impacting your sales.

Compliance visits

Coordinate your field teams & brokers and boost operational efficiency by automating store visit planning.

Competition pricing

Achieve greater differentiation and added value by keeping your finger on the pulse of competitive market dynamics.

Field team routing

Send your sales reps to the retail locations with the greatest opportunity for improvement with automatic store routing.

Missing promotions

Maximize your promotional effectiveness by detecting critical in-store issues and intervening with corrective actions faster.

Product not on shelf

By item, by store, by day Teamcore will notify you when a product is not on the shelf, improving your on-shelf availability and maximizing sales.

Excess inventory

Streamline distribution and reduce inventory costs by better managing all of the links in the shared value chain.

Product launch

Exceed new product sales objectives ensuring proper execution of distribution, promotion and display activities.

Teamcore Solutions

We apply cutting-edge data science to make execution more transparent and actionable for brands and retailers.

Retail execution

Drive field team effectiveness.

Help your field teams & brokers find and fix the most critical in-store execution issues faster with automatically generated Smart Tasks that make your teams more efficient and effective.

Product availability

Ensure the shelf is always full.

Gain complete visibility to the availability of your products at all of your locations with automatic alerts notifying you of replenishment and inventory problems, supply issues, and more.

Promotional spend

Maximize your promotional ROI.

See that your trade dollars are going to good use by making sure that your promotions are implemented consistently and correctly, and that your products are available to buy.

Operational excellence

Build your Perfect Store.

Enable your Perfect Store strategy by creating an integrated, automated solution that connects your entire team and ensures that everyone is working on the same objectives and KPIs.

Omnichannel retail

Manage e-commerce execution.

Coordinate every aspect of the online shopping experience—from the shopping cart to home delivery—and ensure the availability of your products across all sales channels.

Product scanning

Quick access to data

With Teamcore Product Scanner, you can read any barcode to see sales and inventory data, and gain even better visibility to your product & category performance at the points of sale.

Sell-out and OSS

Turn your retail data into insights.

Integrate and analyze sales & inventory data from al your key retailers. Uncover and share insights that enable you to optimize your sales, marketing, trade and supply chain operations.

Sales opportunites

Turn lost sales into opportunities.

Spot lost sales at the SKU and store-level in real time, and quickly get to the root cause. Capture sales opportunities by improving supply chain and in-store execution.

Information sharing

Stay synchronized and connected.

Say goodbye to informal and unstructured communication tools. Our built-in social network is specially designed to enable information to efficiently flow across your entire team. 

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