Teamcore is selected by SAP as one of the seven most disruptive analytics technologies

Through the SAP Berlin program, the Teamcore methodology was recognized as one of the 7 most disruptive analytical technologies in retail. 

We are very proud to announce a global, strategic, alliance between Teamcore and SAP

Through the SAP Berlin program, the Teamcore methodology was recognized as one of the 7 most disruptive analytical technologies in retail.

The SAP program in Germany focuses on identifying innovative, global, solutions in the world of analytics and AI, and is run in partnership with the SAP HANA & Analytics team.

This program focuses on creating an intelligent ecosystem between the most innovative companies in the world and their ERP, to generate greater value to all their customers. They have offices around the world including San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Singapore and Tokyo.

What does this strategic alliance mean? 

Teamcore’s solutions will integrated with SAP tools. The purpose of this integration is to offer a unique and disruptive service for mass consumer companies. This alliance will provide complete visibility to and actionability on the greatest sales opportunities in the most relevant channels.

Using this platform, all sales opportunities are automatically converted into actionable insights, prioritized by economic value, and delivered to the appropriate teams.

Next steps

Through a Joint go-to-market (GTM) plan, both SAP clients and Teamcore clients will be able to access these new functionalities. This new GTM integration seeks to generate an impact within mass consumption in four key areas:

  • Harmonization and consolidation of data: A single source of information
    • Applying best in class data quality standards, ingest, cleanse, prepare and harmonize retail and CPG data. Improve the quality and value of data by reducing the time to create and access actionable insights.
  • Greater depth to business analysis 
    • The Teamcore – SAP integration will provide companies with complete visibility to sales opportunities at each stage of the supply chain. This occurs from order-to-shelf, at shelf, and sell-out.
  • Sales automation and continuous learning
    • Using continuous, machine learning, algorithms and a real-time actionability platform, Teamcore automates sales processes, guiding sales teams towards the greatest business opportunities.
  • Mass consumption collaboration with retailers
    • Improvements in collaboration tools between retailers and suppliers



At Teamcore we are focused on providing the best service in the retail market and driving innovation that translates into greater profitability and additional value for our clients.

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