How does cooperation between retail manufacturers and distributors drive sales?

Teamcore explains why collaboration between retail distributors and manufacturers drive sales.


During the past two years, world trade has experienced multiple challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and disruption in the supply chain. This also put a strain on the relationship between product manufacturers and end distributors.

Collaboration between these two parts became more complicated, jeopardizing sales and future projects.

At Supermartech Latam 2021, the most important Latin American forum on mass consumption and retail, leaders and representatives from renowned companies in the industry explained that, in view of transformations in sales channels, the relationship between retail manufacturers and distributors gained relevance.

At the event organized by Teamcore, we shared different ideas and analyses to face the challenges posed by the world and by consumers. These are the main conclusions taken from the discussion on why collaboration between manufacturers and distributors is so important, especially to achieve higher sales:


What did the panelists say?



Supermercados Peruanos CEO, Francisco de la Roza, explained that optimizing communication channels results in the creation of opportunities to improve performance standards.


“Product availability is one of the most important variables in the customer’s experience. Therefore, availability is essential; if it is not coordinated, it becomes a pricey headache for the customer and could even lead to the company’s loss of the customer and fall in positioning. Process efficiency and improved product availability depend on the collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers.”




Arturo Pérez Wong, general manager of DPGP L’Oréal Chile, described that one of the ways to measure improvement in collaboration between manufacturers and distributors is to reach or aspire to reach total sales of products (sell out).

“If this goes in the right direction, new initiatives that help to improve all indicators will arise.”



Alejandro Trejo, Marketing Director of GS1 México, insisted that collaboration between manufacturers and distributors is key, because by sharing a common goal, sales are boosted.

“It is important for partners to have the same information. It is so difficult when manufacturers and retailers have their own data! Transparency allows for timely management of mistakes and to be able to take advantage of operational successes. Those conversations shouldn’t be about not seeing the forest for the trees.”


Find more details here about what was shared during the presentation at Supermartech and discover more information on what the future of retail will look like.

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