Automation and optimization to deliver greater value

Retail players are looking to implement automation and optimization to simplify work, improve customer experience and increase sales.


The use of technology in retail has provided many benefits, such as facilitating smarter decision-making, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to seek continuous improvement and greater agility and efficiency in processes.


For this reason, the planning meetings of the day are already in the background. Automation plans that ensure the availability of products at the point of sale, the main promise of value for customers, are now a priority.


These automation and optimization techniques allow us to enhance the attributes of companies, to offer a better service, be more efficient and even compete with larger and more positioned organizations.


Data analytics technology is the foundation of automation. It represents a guarantee of business evolution, translated into savings, management and higher sales.


This, added to the use of the Internet of things, ICT and developments such as RFID devices for product tracking, contribute to the knowledge of information in real time, essential in the development of predictive analysis, changes in the portfolio, among other actions that they seek to meet the company’s KPIs.


Do you think that the implementation of automation is too expensive for your organization?

It will never be an expense! It is an investment worth making because it guarantees benefits in the short, medium and long term, such as the reduction of operating costs and the management of radical efficiencies in the long-term sustainability of organizations.


Likewise, automation allows optimization of customer management processes. It provides data both to measure the number of people who enter the store and buy, as well as their consumption habits, trends, expectations, among others. This way you have all the inputs to carry out personalization, promotion, loyalty and loyalty strategies.


In the world of payments it also represents great advances and competitive advantages. Today, customers can pay outside the store and in advance, through the retail app or mobile service. The cell phone becomes a point of sale, with greater opportunities for access and growth.

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