Case Studies




Before Teamcore, the company´s operation was handled manually, using Excel spreadsheets while
lacking a defined structure. On one hand, the coordinators reported to the KAM (Key Account
Manager), but merchandisers were divided into accounts.

Allow the entire company to use the same information and the same indicators in order to
ensure adequate product availability.

Offer the best negotiating tools for each KAM


The company began searching for a tool that would allow for improved management. It encountered a
large variety of offers, both in Colombia and abroad, which offered governance, team management,
performance and reporting services.

But Biotecnik wanted all of that and more. It was looking for a way to maintain an organization, a structure, and governance of the street team with added value.

And that is exactly what Teamcore offered: product availability management, ensuring product presence, automated reports on stock shortage and lost sales and taking charge of daily management at
points of sales.


Teamcore has generated added value for the entire company, optimizing visits, generating productivity in different areas and guaranteeing the correct use of execution engines.  This has allowed the Biotecnik team to achieve operational discipline and excellence in its daily performance at the point of sales.

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