Case Studies

Cambiaso Hermanos

Cambiaso Hermanos


Cambiaso Hermanos is a leading company in the tea, herbal tea, infusions and packaging products industry. It didn´t have a clear vision of the key indicators for its business, like sales-floor performance, signage, promotions and implementations.  Each area handled different information and it was very difficult to make decisions.


Teamcore proposed a working modality that has been perfected over the years thanks to constant feedback.  This way of working has been integrated from the general manager down to the very last shelf re-stocker in order to create efficient scalability of processes at the point of sales.


Thanks to the visualization and orientation towards key KPIs, the company has been able to connect its entire team with a single objective, making sure that every manager, boss, supervisor or re-stocker understands the importance of achieving goals.  This connection not only occurred at a strategic level but also occurred at the operational level, connecting teams that are geographically located far from one another.

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