Case Studies


This mass consumption company was looking for a way to digitalize the traditional channel in order to get information that would allow them to offer a better service to consumers and of course, avoid at all costs lost sales and supply problems.


By using Teamcore, Softys was able to improve all of its strategies, starting with the transversal company objective: excellence in point of sales execution.

Therefore, together with Teamcore, the organization built a business management model permitting the digitalization of the point of sales in order to create and implement better action plans, identify and take advantage of opportunities, and make decisions based on the daily tracking of fundamental indicators such as Smart OSA.


Team work together with the Teamcore has allowed Softys to considerably increase its product availability. This allows them to focus on their strategy of being leaders in each of the categories in which they participate, by looking out for their consumers.

Additionally, with Teamcore the company has been able to develop internal cross-functional teams to find and detect lost sales and sourcing opportunities  for chains and retailers. 

Finally, Softys highlights that, thanks to this implementation, they work directly with their supermarket customers and the traditional channel to continuously improve and avoid slow sales due to lack of stock and shortages.

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