Case Studies


José Cuervo


In José Cuervo there was no data visibility of the total universe of stores where they operate, nor did they have it in real time and that caused the operational team to work reactively. There was an opportunity to optimize field work and thus achieve better results.

They were looking for a tool that could improve the quality of their team’s work and streamline all the processes they had.


Teamcore helped them to have visibility of what was happening in all their points of sale, 365 days a year and from their 100% sku’s, transforming the data into clear and quick actions to execute.

Today, it allows them to read trends, patterns and opportunities to quickly decide what to do.


With Teamcore, the operations team reached a new level, connecting and standardizing the way of doing things with clear information in real time, transformed into daily actions that allow them to operate with excellence.

They are no longer just an operational team, they are now a strategic department and its sales results have improved significantly.

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