Case Studies

Caso de éxito Teamcore en Huevos Santa Marta

Huevos Santa Marta


Huevos Santa Marta, 80% dedicated to retail, supplies all chains in the Chilean market through its main brands: Huevos Santa Marta and Huevos Santa Sofía, as well as other owned brands.

The sales area needed to manage and optimize the team’s work in the field and at the same time analyze numbers for correct decision-making. Before Teamcore, the company had to download all the B2B and consolidate the information in excel tables.


Through the Teamcore methodology, the company has full visibility of what is happening in the field, analyzes the sell out, the availability of the product in the shelfs and the lost sale, all in one place. They can take the consolidated information and work based on key indicators.


By identifying its main pain points, the company was able to focus all its efforts on managing the sales points with the greatest problems and going after those with the most lost sales.

Today the commercial area has clear and strategic information, allowing the entire company to be aligned.

Throughout this period, there has been a significant improvement in point of sale execution, as the entire company sees the same numbers and speaks the same language.

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