Case Studies




Watts is one of the most important food companies in Chile and has an incessant annual exponential growth. Among its brands is Danone, which is one of the most significant in its portfolio.

There was a great need to understand and be objective regarding the operation.

Many and different KPIs among all the products. A traditional reporting that did not deliver more than a flat situational analysis.


Teamcore was able to identify the “pains” in the store. It has been a commercial tool, it has detected and understood business opportunities showing it in a friendly way through its dashboards.


Thanks to Teamcore, it has been possible to obtain quantifiable, objective and friendly data about everything that happens in the store. It has been possible to identify trends and projections for the best rotation and presence of products.



In a CPG retail company like Watts, objectives are very clear and at the same time very big:

Rapid profit has been seen through specific point of sale management of indicators and tasks.

Adoption has been very easy at user and operational level due to its intuitive tools.

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