In our experience in LATAM, the Lost Sales represent between 10% and 20% of the total sales for a mass consumption brand. When is it closer to 20%? When there is greater complexity of the product. For example, the dairy industry, cured meats and fresh meats are the ones that have the greatest challenges.

Recovering the Potential Sale due to problems in the management of the commercial mix, supply problems, phantom inventories, lack of replacement and inventory breaks, among others, is our main focus.







Company size

Doesn't apply employees

Throughout our work with some dairy brands, we have led our clients to an improvement in productivity equivalent to 30% of the time dedicated to supervision and management.


Business Solutions:
- Development of weekly / monthly work plans aimed to optimize company resources.
- Detection of the optimal product mix for each store.
- Recommendation of promotions and exhibitions that generate the greatest economic impact on each client: improvement of + 34% in promotional return.

Operational Solutions
- A standard work methodology, which assigns daily tasks to be executed by the entire supervision and marketing team (replenishment).
- Improves product On Shelf Availability (OSA) in 10% (in the first 6 months of implementation for dairy category from 79% to 89%).
- Decrease in inventory breaks (Out of Stock).

In a mass consumption retail dairy company, objectives are very clear and at the same time very big:
-54% Lost sales
+10 % OSA
-10 % Out Of Stock

At Teamcore, we have developed the technology that makes companies more efficient, in a simple and agile way to increase their sales, regardless of the complexity of the operation.

Sergio Della Maggiora
Teamcore CEO
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