Our history

At Teamcore we are made of good principles and this is precisely how our story begins.

The origin of Teamcore

Teamcore started as a spin-off of a company that was looking for solutions and mobile applications for Latin America.


Like any company, it started as an idea, in this case, it was from three young Chileans who were studying their postgraduate studies in the United States and once they finished them, they found a window of opportunity: the development of mobile applications in Latin America was just beginning and, being one of the first to do so was a great start.
When we speak of good principles, we are not only referring to the beginning, but to being leaders and innovating in the world of retail and mass consumption by implementing high technology. And we did, we were the first in the world to develop an application for Corona Beer.
This fact became the spearhead, because it opened the doors for us to carry out the first Artificial Intelligence project for the management of Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in the United States. Great beginning, since it showed the great potential that existed in mass consumption, so in parallel to the applications business, we began to finance the first projects that would give rise to the Teamcore that we know today.
Thus began the path of a train that was no longer going to stop, we fully focused on retail and mass consumption with the impact of technology and evolution that the category needed. Teamcore reaches its expansion stage by acquiring its first two large clients: Watt’s and Agrosuper, and then integrating another 11 successful projects with more companies in Chile.


The successes became a reality that opened borders and new offices in other countries: first Colombia in 2016, Mexico in 2017 and Peru and Argentina in 2018.
Today and towards 2021, Teamcore is taking the business to another level to start operations in Brazil and the United States, implementing the highest technological standards and innovation that have brought us to where we are today.


This story will continue, always looking to keep growing and achieve our ultimate purpose: Simplify Retail.

We are Teamcore®

Behind all these achievements, there is a solid team committed to delivering the best tools to its clients.
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