Simple and actionable retail

Teamcore’s advanced methodology transforms data into insights and actions to ensure that your product is always available to be purchased.

What’s teamcore®?

We enable CPG teams to drive higher on-shelf performance through Machine Learning algorithms, giving you visibility into the execution of products at each store, along with insights and specific actions for office and field teams.

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The Key Moment

When shopping in-store or e-commerce, the critical thing is that consumers find what they are looking for.

Our technology helps to ensure that your products are available at the right time at the right place. We call this “The Perfect Store.”

Many CPG companies are losing 10%+ in sales
due to products not being available to purchase.


Shelf restocking

Thanks to our tech, we identify the problem and give you the necessary solutions and actions to stop it.

Phantom Inventory

Wrong inventory counts on replenishment systems. Products are not on the shelf.

Inaccurate in-store execution

We support you to ensure a correct commercial implementation at all times.


Our tool identifies it and helps you stop it from happening.

Price Mismatch

If the product has a wrong price or does not have it, consumers won’t buy or will get another product.

Poor point of sales visibility

Teamcore becomes your eyes within the store , solving the problem without the need to be physically there.
¿Cómo te podemos ayudar?

How can we help you?

Thanks to our technology, you can achieve a new standard of commercial execution resulting in:

3 to 5%

sales increase
Using the Teamcore® method, systematically fix executional problems at the stores

6 to 9%

improvement in product availability
We identify and solve sourcing and execution problems


reduction of lost sales
We identify problems and solve them with automatic tasks for your team


improvement of promotional performance
We help you understand what will work best.


visibility at Point of Sale
Real-time visibility of what is happening, 365 days a year
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Our Process

We collect sales and inventory, by item, by store, by day, for all of your products

Teamcore’s machine learning algorithm identifies lost sales opportunities and promotional performance issues.​

Additional analysis identifies and separates incremental factors that are preventing sales.

Our closed-loop feedback process ensures continual machine learning and improved recommendations.​

Individualized action plans are generated and prioritized based on customizable factors such as “total potential sales recaptured” or “new product launch”

Smart Retail Execution

Information turned into action

Optimize your retail operations using intelligent tasks prioritized by impact on sales.

Smart OSA

On Shelf Availability

Improve the availability of your products in 100% of the stores 365 days a year.

Strategic partners

We integrate with SAP to create an intelligent ecosystem between Teamcore technology and SAP's leading solutions for mass consumption and retail.

Partners in Latinamérica

The Power of Teamcore®

We want the consumer to always find what they are looking for, so you can achieve your sales goals. We are experts in technology, but we are even better in taking your business to the next level by putting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the service of your team.

“Teamcore® has become an essential part of our field execution by allowing us to optimize the time our team spends at the store”

Nicolás Troncoso

National Director of Pharmacies and Perfumeries Channels Unilever