Achieve radically better retail execution with ease.

Grow sales by up to 5% while safeguarding your brand by ensuring that your products are always on the shelfcorrectly displayed and available for shoppers to purchase.


  • Data recolection

    Everyday we recolect all your inventory data of all you products from all stores.

  • Discovery

    Our artificial inteligence algorithm analices data to discover problems that in store that are affecting your product and sales.

  • Action

    Solve issues and stop losing money. We generate daily action plans for your commercial team, prioritized by impact in sales.

  • Emprovement

    The team receive automated task focused on solving the problemas detected Every time the team solves a problem our algorithm learns and improves its detection capabilities.

Field team

Office team


Trusted by 400+ leading global brands

Teamcore powers smarter retail

We enable CPGs and retailers to transform their retail data into actionable insights to continuously improve retail execution. Our next-generation smart retail solutions leverage cutting-edge data science to accurately detect lost sales, diagnose execution issues, and drive radically better retail execution — both in-store and online.

Identify lost sales

Uncover sales issues hidden in your POS and inventory data by monitoring retail sales performance across all of your products and stores in real-time.

Diagnose retail issues

Accurately diagnose up to 94% of retail execution issues and prioritize field activities by the potential sales impact with proprietary machine learning (ML).

Turn insights into actions

Improve the ROI of your field teams & brokers up to 300% by improving their effectiveness with dynamic Smart Tasks that help them find and fix issues faster.

What if you could grow your sales up to 5%
simply by resolving retail issues faster?

It all comes down to the "moment of truth"

Retail success ultimately depends on what happens at the “moment of truth” — when a shopper is standing in front of the shelf. With retailers managing tens of thousands of SKUs and counting, operational excellence has become mission critical in the fight for brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.


teamcore helps with this instore issues

Stockouts result in 1/3rd of all lost sales

OOS is strongly linked with store execution and replenishment problems—and the penalty for stockouts has risen dramatically. Simply put: if a product is not on the shelf when a customer wants it, they will go elsewhere, or simply don’t buy at all.

Incorrect pricing can upend potential sales

Whereas incorrectly displaying a higher price may result in lost sales, a lower price results in disappointment at checkout. Any way you cut it, an incorrect price tag means lost revenue for the retailer, a poor experience for the consumer, or both.

Display issues can disrupt the best-laid plans

According to studies, up to 50% of all promotions are missing or not executed to plan. It is no wonder that more than half of all promotions fail to impact retail sales according to HBR, and up to 75% of brands lose money on trade promotions.

Store ordering problems lead to poor OSA

Goods that are recorded as available on-hand but not actually being present can delay automated reordering, and often requires manual recount. Erroneous stock on hand is a major cause of OSA problems, accounting issues, and restatements.

Product facing issues can be hard to spot

Retail visibility and merchandising problems, such as partially empty shelfves, incorrect placement, or being faced over by another product, can result in customers believing you don’t have a product in stock even when you do.

Find the solution in teamcore suite.

Teamcore tiene el potencial de conectar simplemente con cualquier portal B2B.

Retail execution

Adelantate al sell-out

Analizamos tus ventas y te proponemos tareas automatizadas para tus tiendas, priorizadas de acuerdo con su impacto en ventas


Estrategia omnicanal

Trabajamos por lograr la disponibilidad omnicanal de tus productos. Así evitas la venta perdida y mejoras la productividad y la eficiencia

Perfect Store

Tienda perfecta

Implementa tu estrategia de Perfect Store con flujos inteligentes e integrados de trabajo, donde todo el equipo trabaja por los mismos KPI’s


Adelantate al sell-out

Toma mejores decisiones viendo al futuro de tus ventas. Utiliza modelos predictivos para descubrir oportunidades en la ejecución en tienda.


Promociones en la mira

Controlamos las promociones que realices, para crear planes de acción que maximicen su rentabilidad y productividad

Integración SAP

Alianza global

Integramos la tecnología Teamcore con SAP, para crear un ecosistema inteligente junto a sus principales soluciones para el consumo masivo y retail.


On Shelf Availability

Analizamos la venta y rotación de tus productos en el 100% de las tiendas, durante los 365 días del año, para descubrir problemas a tiempo y generar soluciones de impacto.

Scanner de producto

Acceso rápido a información

Integrado en la app, permite a tu equipo acceder rápidamente a toda la información del producto en esa tienda solo con el código de barra.

Nicolas Troncoso
Director Nacional Canales de Farmacias y Perfumerias

We are a unique method that transforms information into action and evolution, through advanced technology.

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We integrate with SAP to create an intelligent ecosystem made up of its main solutions for mass consumption and retail, and Teamcore technology.