Ensure your products are always on the shelf

Teamcore lets you manage your on-shelf product availability across all of your products and stores, 365 days a year. All without ever having to set foot in a single one.

Winning at the retail "Moment of Truth"

Retail success comes down to what happens at the "Moment of Truth" — when a shopper is standing in front of the shelf looking for your product.

Achieving supply chain and store operations excellence has become mission-critical in the fight for customer lifetime value. In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, this is harder than ever. But what if you could monitor product availability across every store shelf, all at once?

Teamcore uses proprietary data science to analyze your POS data and detect lost sales in real time. This means you’ll get alerted to lost sales as they happen, instead of when it is already too late. Discover how Teamcore can enable you to leave less money on the table.

CPGs and retailers lose 10% of sales due to products not being available on the shelf

Problems detected by Smart OSA

Phantom Inventory

Goods recorded as on-hand but not present can delay automated reordering, and often requires a manual recount.

Wrong price tag

Any way you cut it, an incorrect price tag means lost revenue for the retailer, a poor experience for the consumer, or both.


OOS or stockouts are strongly linked with store execution and replenishment issues, resulting in 1/3rd of all lost sales.

Product faced over

Retail visibility & merchandising issues can lead customers to think you don’t have goods in stock even when you do.

Smart OSA
Complete store-shelf visibility

Teamcore enables CPGs and retailers to detect and act on critical in-store issues like stock-outs, phantom inventory, replenishment issues, inaccurate pricing, and more — with complete retail visibility from distribution center to checkout.


To ensure the most accurate diagnosis and prioritization of in-store issues, our machine learning (ML) engine is trained on two years of your sales data. Closed-loop learning algorithms continue to improve prediction accuracy as you use the system.

Tap into the "alpha" hidden in your retail data

Uncover sales issues hidden in your POS and inventory data by monitoring real-time sales performance across all of your stores.

Unlock the best possible shopping experience

Focus your resources where they’re needed most by intelligently diagnosing in-store issues with proprietary machine learning (ML).

Supercharge your field teams & brokers

Enable your field teams & brokers to do more by turning insights into tasks that make it easy to quickly find and resolve retail issues.

Quantify your lost sale and OSA

Whether due to execution issues or supply-chain problems, always know where you are losing sales due to poor on-shelf availability. Consistently uncover opportunities to increase your sales and arm your team with the data they need to translate insight into action.

How it works

Millions of SKUs

Always have your finger on the pulse of your retail operations by automatically analyzing millions of retail transactions.

Closed-Loop System

Build a competitive advantage with a closed-loop system that continuously improves algorithm predictions.

Early Issue Detection

Analyze dozens of unique variables to predict execution issues and prevent lost sales before they happen.

94% Prediction Accuracy

Uncover real opportunities while filtering out noise by comparing thousands of SKUs across all of your stores.

Intelligent Prioritization

Map out operations issues and prioritize field activities based on their potential impact on sales by item, store, and day.

Machine Learning (ML)

Intelligently diagnose and prioritize in-store issues with proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms.

6- 6 %
improvement in OSA

Delight customers and safeguard your brand by ensuring that your products are always on the shelf and available for purchase.

0 x
less phantom inventory

Quickly identify and eliminate erroneous stock on hand — a major cause of OSA problems, accounting issues and restatements.

- 0 %
reduction in lost sales

Significantly curtail the most common causes of lost sales, from OOS events to wrong price tags, and even missing promotions.

Want to know more about Smart OSA?

As an SAP Silver Partner, Teamcore Smart Retail solutions are integrated with SAP for an intelligent ecosystem of end-to-end retail solutions for CPGs and retailers.