Teamcore lite

Providing key performance metrics by item, store and day.

Have immediate access to historical sales and inventory and compare versus current period.

A tool that adapts to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

What can Teamcore Lite do for your business?

Teamcore Lite is a simple, flexible and powerful tool that generates actionable insights to take your business to the next level. It was built to adapt to your needs and is already used by companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, Colgate and Danone.

Teamcore® Lite
for Offices

Take your sales team to the next level using Teamcore’s Management Dashboard.


Using a KPI dashboard that is updated daily, your sales team will be able to view historical and current sales and inventory, instocks and out-of-stocks, daily on hand, product availability according to field measurements, in-store execution compliance and much more.


Teamcore Lite is your automated assistant giving you everything you need to improve negotiations with retailers


Data ingestion and aggregation

We extract all the data from the B2B portals and deliver information


We give you a 360º view of the entire store.

Smart execution

You have access to dashboards and reports to improve store execution

Centralized actions

Generate actions for your team that will improve their efficiency and drive greater sales.


We create a closed-loop feedback system that focuses on improving collaboration with your retailer partners.

A team dedicated to growing your business.

Let's generate value together

Max Hund

We will maximize your investment by accompanying you throughout the journey, from onboarding and training, to the development of actionable recommendations, and finally through the tracking and measurement of deployed actions.

Customer Success Team Manager


We effortlessly connect with the B2B portals to extract your sell-out data and analyze it to provide you with insights and allow you to run all your points of sale efficiently.


“Thanks to Teamcore and the automatic reports, we made a sale equivalent to 15 days in a single negotiation with our clients”

Elvis Barra

Head of Administration and Finance


Strategic Partners