Smart Tasks

Mobilize your sales team using Artificial Intelligence tasks. Sell more while spending less.

The tasks are automatically generated for the Retail Store Manager and are sorted by financial value. These tasks organize the management at the point of sale and ensure that the work time is 100% productive.

  • Easy to understand tasks:

    The tasks are sorted by financial value and are automatically assigned to each user. Task details are displayed using a clean and tidy interface that is easy to work with.

  • Assigns tasks according to role/position, responsibility and assignment:

    Efficiently operate your sales team, by aligning operations with the strategic plan. How? Experiencing and working with intelligent and automatic task assignment.

  • Smart Visit:

    Use the mobile application to select the store you will visit and it will display in detail the tasks that you must perform.

Intelligent analysis and monitoring: Dashboard and panels with warnings

Display results and action plans using a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand.

Our interface can analyze multiple data sources, coupled with point of sale performance, then display various KPI's, graphics and action plans. This information can be shared with everyone in your organization.

  • Identifies the stores with the greatest improvement opportunities:

    An analysis of missed sales enables you to enable your team to implement the solution that generates the greatest value for your business.

  • Understand your products:

    Understand how your products behave and the reasons for missed sales, combined with a wealth of information that will improve your results.

  • Overview:

    All the data relating to a chain, area, or store performance or management of the merchant’s room can be displayed.

Smart Promotions

Protect your promotional activities with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

A unique worldwide tool for managing promotions and negotiated exhibitions

  • Analysis and decision-making:

    It comprehensively analyzes a promotion, opening up the possibility to work with retail chains and facilitates the possibility to improve commercial strategies in the future.

  • Focuses point of sale management on the greatest opportunities:

    It analyzes daily progress during every promotional activity, and focuses on those stores that are no longer generating financial value.

  • Better implementation:

    Checks that implementation at all the appropriate stores has been correctly performed and on time, in order to generate the highest possible return.


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