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We help you achieve your business goals

with sales and stock information that mobilizes your teams.

We help you achieve your business goals with sales and stock information that mobilizes your teams.

We help you meet your business objectives

with sales and stock information that mobilizes your teams.

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Disponibilidad de información

Information availability

Access detailed and well-organized sales and stock information.

Know the outcome of your management in a matter of seconds and make quick decisions.

Information available every day, at any time.

Point of sale

Link your business opportunities with actions for your field team.

Communicate in real time with your merchandisers.

Track performance at the point of sale and achieve your sales goals.

Punto de venta

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Getting started with InStoreView is very simple! In just 7 days, we will grant you access to the platform

with all your sales and stock information, so you can access it quickly and without cumbersome processes in between.


Data download

We download your sales and stock information.


Choose how you want to view your information

We organize the data according to your preferences.

Just send us your product codes and descriptions.

You’re in good hands

Hundreds of companies and thousands of users throughout Latin America are already working with InStoreView.

Your time is for making decisions! We take care of the rest.

‘InStoreView is a gain in how it impacts processes and how I start investing in things that generate value for me, rather than in the operational complexity of cross-referencing information.’


María Paula Giraldo


‘InStoreView is a tool that relieves you from a heavy administrative burden.’ It allows you to focus on the business rather than processing data to turn it into information.’


Cristián Sotomayor


Three reasons to use InStoreView


Unlimited users

at no additional cost


Daily updates


Implementation in just 7 days

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What is the cost of hiring InStoreView?

The price varies according to the number of B2B portals and the number of active SKUs. The final price is adjusted to your data volume.

Is it only for multinational companies?

No, all companies selling in Retail can use InStoreView. We have large, medium and small business clients.

Is InStoreView available in all Latin American countries?

Yes, our platform solves a cross-cutting problem for all companies that market their products in retail. We have clients in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, among others.

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