Retail visibility and actionability on one platform

Technology that evolves so that your products are always available.

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Improved product availability

Know the factors that generate lost sales through a complete visibility of on and offline channels.

Ejecucion inteligente

Optimizes commercial execution

Coordinate the efforts of your teams in the field and in the office. Achieve a perfect omnichannel store without leaving your desk.

Visibilidad completa

Increase your team's productivity

With advanced technology, we create intelligent tasks prioritized by their economic value so that you sell more and better.

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Improve your productivity and efficiency

By working on the availability of your products at the point of sale, you avoid lost sales, manage your brand positioning and offer the customer a differentiated experience.

Increase in sales
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Increase your sales by improving product availability on the shelf to reduce lost sales.

more productive
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Optimize your team’s time with an intelligent, automatically triggered work schedule.

Improve productivity without affecting your performance standard.

Return on investment
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A model focused on profitability. Accurately measure the return on your investment, regardless of the size of your company.

Maximize your opportunity to sell.

Don’t lose any more sales. At Teamcore we make sure your products are always available for purchase. Through a unique methodology in the market, we convert information into action so that you cancorrect in time the problems that generate lost sales.

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How do we do it?

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Data collection

Every day we obtain sales and stock data in all your stores, distribution centers, execution in physical and digital stores.

Detection of opportunities

Our algorithms analyze the data and detect anomalies in your sales and the causes that generate lost sales.

Action plans

We generate specific action plans to solve the problems discovered, prioritized according to their impact on sales.

Continuous improvement

Each time your equipment completes the tasks, our algorithm learns and improves its capacity and accuracy for future detection.

Field equipment


Office equipment




Teamcore solves these problems:

Inventory mismatch

When your inventory and actual stock do not match, whether due to damage, theft or a simple system or management error, we alert you and generate action plans.

Poorly executed promotions

Achieve efficiency and productivity in your promotional strategies, intervene in time with corrective actions to avoid drops in the efficiency of your promotions.

Negotiated Exhibits

We want your negotiated exhibitions to really meet their objective of promotion, positioning and sales success.

Product in warehouse

We share with you automated tasks on sales and product rotation, so that you can make sure the product is available at the point of sale.

Equipment routing by point of sale

Organize the efforts of your sales team with automatic routing, send your team to the stores with the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Wrong price

If your product is not priced correctly on the shelf, it will affect sales performance.

Stock breaks

We alert you when your products are about to run out of stock or are out of stock, so you can better plan your distribution.

Competitive pricing

By understanding the dynamics of the competition, you discover the activities you can implement to achieve differentiation and added value.

Compliance with visits

Control your visit plan so that your efforts are oriented to guarantee the efficiency of your operation and the productivity of your work team.

Insufficient stock

The goal is that your product is always available at the time of purchase: when, where and how the customer needs it.

Excess inventory

Refines in detail the inventory process, to reduce operating costs and articulate the different actors in the shared value chain.

Product launch

Synchronize all the elements necessary to publicize your product, display it properly, distribute it efficiently and meet your sales objectives.

Teamcore Solutions

We apply advanced technology to make retailing simple and actionable.

Smart Retail Execution

Look beyond the sell-out

We analyze your sales and propose automatic tasks to solve retail execution problems, coordinate the development of the strategy and prioritize the actions that represent the greatest sales opportunities.

Smart OSA

Always present at the time of purchase

Have complete visibility of the availability of your products on the shelf. Receive automatic alerts to correct replenishment problems, inventory adjustments, sourcing, etc.

Smart Promotions Advanced

Maximize the return on your promotions

We ensure that 100% of the promotional activities are properly implemented from day 1 to the last day of the promotional activation.

Perfect Store Physical

Achieve the perfect store

Implement your commercial execution strategy with intelligent flows that integrate your team and give you full visibility of your digital sales channels. The team will be able to work on the same objectives and KPIs. Perfect Store through our automated and efficient solution. Use smart flows and integrate your entire team: field and office, so that they work towards the same objectives and KPIs.

Perfect Store online

Improve your omnichannel strategy

Coordinate all factors of your online execution to ensure the availability of your products in all sales channels.

Product scanner

Quick access to your main POS product KPIs

Know the information related to the performance of the points of sale, the categories and the details of each product.
With our scanner you can read any barcode to see sales and stock data.

Sell-out and stock management

Continuous improvement

We consolidate and integrate sales and inventory information from leading retailers to share reports and analysis that allow you to optimize sales, marketing, trade and supply chain management.

Reduce lost sales

Increased sales opportunities

It has a dashboard to identify lost sales at SKU/store level and identifies the issues causing them. Take advantage of your sales opportunities by improving execution or sourcing.

Social network for field and office equipment

Connected and synchronized equipment

Say goodbye to informal and unstructured communication tools. Our social network is specially designed to achieve an effective and efficient communication flow within the entire team.


Get ahead of the sell-out

Make better decisions by looking ahead to the future of your sales. Uses predictive modeling to uncover opportunities in store execution.

We are your strategic allies

Team mexico USA
Team mexico USA

The customer at the center

Our Customer Success team will accompany you with a customized work plan to help you achieve your results and take advantage of opportunities.


We constantly share instructions and tutorials to take advantage of our solutions and use them as an ally to achieve your goals.


The help desk is available to answer your questions and solve any technical issues that may prevent you from using the app or web platforms.

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We integrate Teamcore technology with SAP, to create an intelligent ecosystem together with its main solutions for mass consumption and retail.