Smart Retail Execution

Achieving perfect commercial execution every day is possible

Manage your products intelligently, so that they are always available in the store and avoid lost sales.

Knowledge is power...
the power to solve it.

With Teamcore you have complete, real-time visibility into what’s happening with your products, at all points of sale, but how do you solve it efficiently?


Automatic and prioritized tasks, generated with Artificial Intelligence.

Without the need to analyze data, teamcore gives your team members intelligent tasks, prioritized by sales impact, focused on solving the different problems detected by our algorithms.

Full team working and
synchronized to meet business objectives.

Articulates your field and office teams, to improve the
collaboration among them, join efforts and improve efficiency.

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Automatic Tasks

Tasks automatically generated by the teamcore algorithm based on the behavior of your products at each point of sale.

Execution tasks

Customized tasks, created by the office team for the field team.

Tasks prioritized by economic value

We prioritize the tasks of the products you define as a priority so that they are always available.

Route management

Visit the most problematic and profitable stores first. Intelligent routes for field equipment.

Product scanner

We prioritize the tasks of the products you define as a priority so that they are always available.

Social Network

Stay in touch with your team, discuss problems and solutions.

Summary of local performance

We prioritize the tasks of the products you define as a priority so that they are always available.

Ideal software for the perfect store

With Teamcore Smart Retail Execution you take action and monitor results, to efficiently implement your perfect store strategy.

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Define the variables that lead you to the perfect store, establish the importance of each variable to obtain a score for each point of sale that allow you to correctly measure performance.

Solves detected problems in a timely manner

Inventory mismatch

If your inventory and actual stock do not match, either due to damage, theft or a simple system or management error. We alert you when this happens and generate actions to solve it.

Poorly executed promotions

Achieve efficiency and productivity in your promotional strategies, intervene in time with corrective actions to avoid drops in the efficiency of your promotions.

Negotiated Exhibits

Make sure that the negotiated displays actually meet their objective of promoting, positioning and motivating product purchase.

Product in warehouse

We share with you automated tasks on sales and product rotation, so that you can make sure the product is available at the point of sale.

Equipment routing by point of sale

Organize the efforts of your sales team with automatic routing, send your team to the stores with the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Wrong price

If your product is not priced correctly on the shelf, it will affect sales performance.

Stock breaks

We alert you when your products are about to run out of stock or are out of stock, so you can better plan your distribution.

Competitive pricing

By understanding the dynamics of the competition, you discover the activities you can implement to achieve differentiation and added value.

Compliance with visits

Control your visit plan so that your efforts are oriented to guarantee the efficiency of your operation and the productivity of your work team.

Insufficient stock

The goal is that your product is always available at the time of purchase: when, where and how the customer needs it.

Excess inventory

Refines in detail the inventory process, to reduce operating costs and articulate the different actors in the shared value chain.

Product launch

Synchronize all the elements necessary to publicize your product, display it properly, distribute it efficiently and meet your sales objectives.
Analisis automatico

Improved product availability

Discover and solve problems in the store in time with automatic and prioritized tasks. Minimize lost sales.

Ejecucion inteligente

Implement your commercial strategy

Coordinate your team’s efforts and take the actions that allow you to grow. Implement your perfect store.

Visibilidad completa

Increase your team's productivity

No need to analyze data, with remote visibility and dynamic routing.
Without sacrificing your quality standard.

Increase in sales
+ 0 %

Increase your sales by improving product availability on the shelf to reduce lost sales.

more productive
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Optimize your team’s time with an intelligent, automatically triggered work schedule.

You improve productivity without affecting your performance standard.

Return on investment
+ 0 x

A model focused on profitability. Accurately measure the return on your investment, regardless of the size of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, leave your question and we will answer you as soon as possible.

What is Teamcore?
Teamcore is advanced technology for the growth of people and organizations in modern retail. With a unique approach, it transforms data into action and advanced analytics into simple tools, empowering teams with insights and intelligent tasks that generate greater value and new performance standards.
How do they work?

Teamcore technology is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our algorithms predict sales behaviors, stock, breakage, and different indicators, and transform them into tasks for the sales team in real time. Simply put, our algorithms turn data into action.

How do they manage to process the data?

Our artificial intelligence studies and processes the behavior of more than 500 brands and more than 60 chains throughout Latin America, with external and internal variables, which makes us leaders in each category and product. This translates into predictions with more than 94% accuracy.

What does my company need to use Teamcore?

Teamcore is an ideal partner for the operation of retailers, producers or merchandising companies, ideal for high turnover products. We only require sales and inventory data, information that retailers share through a B2B portal. We do not need special hardware, such as robots or cameras, which require more support, maintenance or repair. To start working together, contact us through our communication channels. You can also request a demo here.

How to get the most out of Teamcore?

We have a Customer Success Manager team dedicated to working as a team with all your staff involved in the operation, to identify opportunities for improvement, develop the necessary training and help you manage data intelligently, transforming it into actions to increase business efficiency and productivity. In addition, our Help Desk is available when you need technical support.

What is OSA?

OSA -On Shelf Availability- is an indicator of product availability on the shelf, which tells us if your product is available for purchase on the shelf and if it is implemented correctly, identifying the factors that are affecting your sales, such as mispricing, stock in transit, slow sales, etc. We use your product sales and inventory data to train the algorithm and discover potential issues, with 94% accuracy. Corrected in time and avoid lost sales

Want to know more about Smart Retail Execution?

We integrate Teamcore technology with SAP, to create an intelligent ecosystem together with its main solutions for mass consumption and retail.

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