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Availability of information

Access to orderly and detailed sales and stock information. Know the results of your management in a few seconds and make quick decisions. Information available every day and at any time.

Sales and stock information

Dashboard with main sales indicators

Business performance geo-referencing

Comparative reports

100% downloadable information in Excel format

disponibilidad de información
punto de venta

Point of Sale

Link your commercial opportunities with actions for your field team. Communicate in real time with your stockers. Track your point-of-sale management and achieve your business goals.

Wall for you to communicate in real time with your teams in the field

Price information gathering, presence and activations.

Check in – Check out to manage the presence of your teams in the field

Sales forecasting and alerts

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price varies according to the number of B2B portals and the number of active SKUs. The final price is adjusted to your data volume.

No, all companies selling in Retail can use InStoreView. We have large, medium and small business clients.

Yes, our platform solves a cross-cutting problem for all companies that market their products in retail. We have clients in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, among others.

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