Unilever is one of the world's leading companies in mass consumption products. Since 1890, it has sold around 400 brands in more than 190 countries. Its history in Chile begins in 1928 with its first imports of products, where it was known as Industria Lever.

In a company of mass consumption in retail like Unilever, its goals are very clear and at the same time very big: 1. Be in all homes in the country with a mix of products with broad categories, ranging from food, personal care and home care. 2. Handle all the information on the thousands of products and understand what goes into the room is of vital importance.







Number of employees

1000 - 2000

With Teamcore, all the data is taken daily and given a value with respect to the automatic tasks it generates.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it was possible to understand the reality of each room, perfectly capture what was happening and know why.

By implementing the Teamcore methodology, Unilever Chile’s indicators improved a lot. Slow selling products were identified and thanks to the tasks assigned at the point of sale, the rotation of these products improved substantially. There was also an improvement in internal communication between the point of sale and the office, where management gained noticeably in efficiency.

"Working with Teamcore in a way is an evolution where we have a bigger view of what's happening at the point of sale."

Anthony Gallardo
Business Inteligence and Sales Operation Team Leader
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